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Hi, I'm Matthew. I am also known as Matt, TheCodingGuy, TCG, OfficialTCGMatt. I am a native English speaker, learning Japanese. I have a passion of helping others. I am also from the United States.

I am a web developer, computer porgrammer, and network guy. I know a handful of programming languages, for example (in order of most to leaset knowledgeable): HTML/CSS & JavaScript (NodeJS/EJS/etc), PHP, C#, Java, Lua, C++, and Assembly.

When I have time, I do enjoy some gaming - particualrly rhythm gaming. Games like osu!, Beat Saber, Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku, and Pump It Up!, just to name a few.

I also compose and produce music under the alias Aisuruneko. It's not all that good, but it is an attempt I suppose.

I am trying to start a software development (and other stuff it will do) company called Netro Corporation. Hopefully to be big one day, yet continue to be an honest and trustworthy corporation!~

Other things about me include:
- I am a neko enthusiast (both anime and real life).
- I've been programming since I was 8, and wanting to run a business since 4.
- I work a (rather unfortunate) full-time job that delays projects of mine.