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DURT Update

Created ... (Updated ...)

(This post was updated at ... to provide some extra backstory.)

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(This post was updated at ... to provide clarification about the rollout site's future.)


Hello everyone. If you're seeing this, it's probably from the rollout tracker thing, also known as Discord Username Rollout Tracker (DURT).

I didn’t expect to see this take off like it did. To be honest, I initially created this project to help keep track where things were while some misinformation was being spread around. To be even mentioned on another tracker arewepomeloyet.com, which was really cool (nice graphs btw!)

Please note: There are screenshots with people's usernames and/or display names in them. Please do not attempt to find, contact, and/or bother them, including any Discord Staff, regardless of platform. Everyone is just trying to do their job.

How it started

On the first day of the rollout, I thought there was already trackers and that I wouldn't need to make my own. On the second day, I found some misinformation and thought about if there was actually any trackers. So about an hour or so after researching on the night of the second rollout, I thought it would be nice to move forward and create a little tracker. This is what it looked like:

Share of the first ever version of the site

And around 2 hours later, I was ready to share it.

I think it's ready?

The update started going off and for sure the site got shared around. It eventually got attention of people in Discord Admins more, and it started flooding the product chat channel. Soo.... Discord Staff there was nice enough to make a thread for us (if any DStaff read this: Thanks <3)

Thread started by Discord Staff

I found my site being shared around.. I was pleased the site was helping the community.

On da Reddit!

Anyways, back to Discord, the site got shared in Discord Developers, an official Discord-ran server (at this time, I didn't even know).

Believed First Mention on Discord Developers

Other mentions in Discord Developers

Even with the moderation staff in Discord Developers claiming it was "non-official" (I mean, I know it was), people still shared it.

Eventually, a very friendly ghost came to clear some things up. Thanks to that ghost, we got some things cleared up, and all things were great now!

hampusmention hampusmentionondasite

Looking Ahead

Once the rollout has completed (which is very soon!), the entire site and data files will be made public.

You will be able to find the source on GitHub!

This is most likely the schedule that the site will be following after the rollout has completed:

  • Once the rollout has completed, the data will become archived and there will be buttons for seeing the repo and my site.
  • It is unclear when the subdomain/original URL will stop working in general.


Here are some funny moments and thank yous!

Reddit Moment:

Funny Reddit

Thank you to the first few beta testers:

First Beta Tester

and suggestions:

Pls fix the embed image Matt ;-;

And thanks to the crazy people who were watching and joined me during the first part of creation of this post (around ...):

Discord Previews is on fire

And a special thank you to all of you who shared the site and got it out there.

Cloudflare Stats

inb4 I jinxed myself.


Also... Never Forget Tessa is going to swim in the sea.

Tessa Is Going To Swim In The Sea (SS Credit: Selaya, 2023/06/06)

and that the AI loves Tessa.

Tessa's DMs Are Open For Everyone

AI Loves Tessa (SS Credit: Tessa, 2023/06/08)

Tessa's Pronouns Assumed by the AI (Real))


AI says I am a new staff member (SS Credit: maliviolent, 2023/06/11)

... and that should conclude the funny moments.