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Here are a list of projects I own or work on.

  • 2018


    A Discord bot that has many purposes. Packed with moderation, fun, and craziness. The only bot you'll ever need. ..until Discord updates their API and breaks the bot. :^)

    Over 175 servers, as of December 28th, 2023. (Source: Discord)

  • 2022


    A female kemonomimi who actively writes and composes music.

    The catalog is growing...

    Netro Corporation

    A Corporation decided to providing excellent service to excellent users. Primarily focused on hosting and web development, currently.

    Home of the future.

  • 2023

    Discord Username Rollout Tracker (DURT)

    Popular social media platform Discord forced their 350 million userbase from Username#0000 to simply username. This project's goal was to provide the community of where the rollouts were at, so that they would be prepared for the change.

    During the run (data from June 28th, 2023), over 51K+ unique users visited the site. (Source: Cloudflare)

  • 2024

    Camellia Wiki

    The Camellia Wiki includes the focus on Camellia, his works, and rhythm games he has associated with. Currently one of the main developers.

    Official now! :)